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Our custom wood garage doors are available in many different designs.

The following wood material is available:

- AZEK/Versatex (Lifetime Warranty) -
Paint Grade Only
Philippine/Meranti Mahogany (5 year Warranty)
- Spanish Cedar (5 Year Warranty)
- African Mahogany (5 Year Warranty)
- Extira (5 Year Warranty) -
Paint Grade Only
Hemlock Fir - Paint Grade Only - (Only available with swing doors and semi custom doors)
Philippine/Meranti Mahogany -

Due to its weathering properties, Philippine Mahogany is an excellent exterior wood. The
heartwood is dark brown, medium to deep red. Very easy to stain to any custom stain color.
Great for stain or paint grade applications.  5 year section warranty.
Spanish Cedar -
Comes from the Mahogany family.  Many species grown in both North and Central America.
Pleasant, familiar cedar scent. Straight, occasionally interlocked grain with very uneven texture. Well
known for its stability and weathering qualities.  Great for stain grade or paint grade applications. 5
year section warranty on overhead doors.
African Mahogany-

Grows throughout West Africa. Interlocked or straight grain, often with ribbon figure and a
moderately coarse texture.  African Mahogany heartwood ranges from light to deep reddish-brown in
color.  Great for stain grade or paint grade applications.  5 year section warranty on overhead doors.
Extira (Paint Grade Only) -

Panel product that resists moisture, rot and termites and offers excellent performance in exterior
environments.  Environmentally friendly with no formaldehyde emissions.  It resists checking,
splitting, and cracking.  5 year section warranty on overhead doors.
More information available at
AZEK/Versatex -

Paint Grade Only
Synthetic wood that will never crack, warp, or rot. It's impervious to moisture, salt, and
insects but feels and sounds like real wood!   Lifetime Section Warranty
- Impervious to moisture and insects
- Perfect for ground contact application
- 25 year warranty
- Precise sealed edges on all four sides (S4S)
- Tightest board tolerance in the industry
- Easier to clean
- Maintains a “like new” appearance in all types of weather
- Does not require paint for protection
- Can be heat formed for unique shapes and designs
Mahogany Overhead Garage Doors
AZEK Overhead Garage Doors
Mahogany Overhead Garage Doors
Mahogany Overhead Garage Doors
Hemlock Fir (Paint Grade Only) -
The kiln or air-dried wood is very stable with little tendency to cup, check or twist.. It yields
clean straight edges and accurate contours to either machine or hand tools. This combination
of stability and smoothness has also made Hemlock a favorite wood for the construction of
saunas. The overall uniformity of coloring from heartwood to sapwood, from light honey to a
rich golden tan, and the wood's excellent gluing properties make it ideally suited to finger
jointing, edge veneering and laminating. Whether used extensively or in small decorative
elements., Hemlock complements virtually any architectural style or design scheme.
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Overhead doors come standard with a clear exterior grade plywood back
interior so that all the interior hardware can operate smoothly.
Tongue and Groove interior options are available but will make the doors
very heavy and all hardware must be upgraded.
Garage door shown in picture is already stained.  Clingerman Doors come
standard unfinished.