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Frequently asked questions about our custom wood garage doors
1.  Does your custom wood garage doors come with track hardware & springs?

- Yes, and we recommend that you get new track and hardware due to the weight and thickness of our custom
doors.  Since our doors are heavier than standard doors each door is weighted to ensure the correct torsion
spring pressure is applied.  Standard headroom is 12" to 18" of space between the bottom of the opening
header and the unobstructed ceiling.  We offer low head room track also.
2.  What is your lead time once I order a custom wood garage door?

your order so that you can install your garage doors within one week of delivery to avoid warranty issues.
3.  Can I order Clingerman doors primed or pre-finished?

- Currently, we only offer priming.  Staining is available on larger orders.  Please consult to learn more.
4.   Does Clingerman Doors offer a warranty?

- 5 year limited warranty on overhead doors except AZEK has a Lifetime Section Warranty.
- 1 year limited warranty on  entry doors, slider doors, and carriage doors.
One of the main things about this warranty is that your doors must be installed within
one week of delivery.  
5.  Who can install Clingerman doors?

- Any professional garage door installation company can install our doors.  We do have a dealer network for
our overhead doors depending on the job location.  Please contact us to find a local dealer in your area.
6. Can Clingerman doors be delivered to my home?

- Yes, we can ship our custom wood garage doors to any location in the United States. When delivered to your
home by common carrier you must have someone to help unload them off the truck.  If you are close enough to
our shop you also have the option to pick them up yourself.  
7. What type of operator do I need for Clingerman doors?

- A standard professional 3/4HP operator will work for most of our overhead doors.  
- For our true swing out carriage doors we offer 2 operator options.  Please contact us for more information.
- Our custom wood doors do require more care than a standard steel door.  Maintenance tends not to be much
of a factor if you complete the staining process professionally.  Usually, every 2-3 years you may have to
reapply the top coat to ensure the beauty of your custom wood garage door.  With a steel door you lose the
natural overall beauty of what our custom wood garage doors has to offer!