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Remember this is not wood but it is a great alternative if you want that custom wood look without the normal maintenance of a wood garage door.

This material comes in paint grade only.

The unique thing about this product is that we are able to manufacture it exactly like our custom wood garage doors.  

The overall thickness of our custom AZEK garage doors is 2-3/4".

Fully Insulated (R-10) --- Insulated Glass Available
  • AZEK® is the leading brand of cellular pvc offering the unequalled combination of Uniformity, Durability, Workability, and Beauty.

  • Using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, AZEK is manufactured in standard trim dimensions such as trimboards, sheets, cornerboard, and
    beadboard. A perfect wood replacement product for non-structural applications, AZEK performs beautifully in standard or custom trim

  • Will not split, cup, rot, warp, or twist.

  • Perfect Wood Replacement & Low Maintenance!


Because VERSATEX is created from a cellular PVC it is moisture and insect resistant, yet features the real look and woodworking characteristics a
fine builder/craftsman desires. The result is a product limited only by the builder’s imagination VERSATEX is an ideal product for highly moisture
sensitive areas including those along coastal zones or regions affected by salt and high humidity. Most of the problems associated with wood trims are
eliminated with VERSATEX. No more warping, cupping or splitting, just a trimboard with high aesthetic value for years to come
14' x 8' Custom AZEK garage door w/ 1x6 TG
AZEK Inlay - 20 Tru-Divided Lites - Paint Grade
18' x 8' Custom AZEK garage door w/ 1x6 TG
AZEK Inlay - 32Tru-Divided Lites - Paint Grade
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